Odoo Development

This is the Mint Systemopen in new window Odoo development environment.

This projects provides a highly opinionated way to develop Odoo and Odoo modules. It supports the following scenarios:

  • Docker Compose: Spin up a Odoo, Postgres and pgAdmin Docker container and experiment locally
  • Import and Export Database: Use Odoo scripts to copy and restore a remote customer database in the local development environment. Investigate issues and deploy the database at wish
  • Community Edition: Checkout the Odoo Community Edition and start editing the source code
  • Enterprise Modules: Checkout the Odoo enterprise modules and deploy them into the Odoo Docker container or the Odoo source.
  • Develop Modules: Scaffold a new module, develop new Odoo features locally and much more
  • Customizing Snippets: Create snippets and push them to an Odoo database
  • Odoo Scripts: Develope scripts to patch Odoo modules


The Odoo development environment has the following requirements:


The usage section is a set of workflows. Pick the one required by your scenario. See task help or task for details about the projects commands.

Clone this repository.

git clone git@github.com:Mint-System/Odoo-Development.git
cd Odoo-Development

Checkout branch.

task checkout 13.0
# or
task checkout 14.0
# or
task checkout 15.0
# or
task checkout 16.0

Install Odoo scriptsopen in new window

task install-odoo-scripts


Run Odoo from source.

Install Odoo native requirements

Pull the odoo submodule and install the python dependencies.

git submodule update odoo
task install-native

Initialize and start Odoo from source

Run database container only

task start db
# or
npm run task-start-db

Initialize database

task init-db

Start Odoo from source

task start native
# or
npm run task-start-native

Open browser to http://localhost:8069open in new window and login with admin:admin.

Create a new module from source

Scaffold a new module.

task create-module addons/project_report


Run Odoo with Docker container.

Start and initialize Odoo with Docker

Run docker compose.

task start
# or
npm run task-start

Initialize database.


Open browser to http://localhost:8069open in new window and login with admin:admin.

Install custom module

docker-odoo-install -m show_db_name


Instructions that are true for Docker and native usage paths.

Enable developer mode

Open this url http://localhost:8069/web?debug=1open in new window, which contains the debug flag.

Manage database with Docker

Open database manager http://localhost:8000/open in new window and login with admin@example.com:admin.

Remove Docker conainers

Kill docker containers and volumes.

task kill

Stop all Docker containers

task stop

Remove database

task drop-db


inotify instance limit reached


While starting the native server this error is thrown:

OSError: [Errno 24] inotify instance limit reached


Increase ifnotify watch limit.

sudo sysctl fs.inotify.max_user_watches=52428800