command option description
checkout [branch] Checkout Odoo Development branch.
clear-filestore [db] Clear local filestore folder. No param will clear all filestores.
convert-database [db] Convert database backup file from postgres 9.5 to latest.
create-module [path] Create new Odoo module from template.
disable-auto-install Disable auto install for enterprise modules.
disable-mailserver [env] Disable mail server settings via xmlrpc.
drop-db [db] Drop target Odoo database. Default is odoo.
git-list-submodules List path and url of submodules.
git-pull-submodules Pull alls submodules.
init-db [db] Initialize the Odoo database. Default is odoo
init-next-env [env] Create env file for Nextcloud instance.
init-odoo-env [env] Create env file for Odoo Instance.
init-venv Initialize python virtual env.
install-module [db] [name] Install target Odoo module.
install-odoo-scripts Install Odoo scripts.
install-native Install Odoo requirements in source folder.
kill Remove docker containers and volumes.
lint-module [path] Run pylint odoo for module.
logs Tail Odoo Docker container logs.
odoo-cloc [db] Count custom line of codes.
patch-database [db] [path] Apply sql file to database
release-module [path] Create GitHub release for a module.
remove-module [db] [name] Remove target Odoo module.
remove-submodule [path] Remove git submodule.
restart [name] Restart docker container. Options: none, db, mail
start [name] Start docker container. Options: none, db, mail, native
save-config [name] Save Odoo database config
start-psql [db] Start PSQL shell in Docker container.
start-shell [db] Start Odoo shell from source folder.
stop Stop docker containers.
update-config Update odoo config.
update-app-list [db] Update app list.
update-module [db] [name] Update target Odoo module.
update-odoo-view [env] [path] Update view xml definition.
install-odoo-view [env] [path] Install view xml definition.
upload-module [env] [path] Zip and upload Odoo module.
zip-module [path] Create zip file for module.
update-docs Update project docs.
source Source the Python virtual env.